What We Do

RenMoney has several products –  Cash Loan, Fixed Deposits, Target Savings, Smartphone Financing, Loan@Work, School Fees Loan and Point-of-Sale (POS) Loan.

Cash Loan

RenMoney offers customers unsecured cash loans (i.e. not requiring collateral) of up to NGN2.5 million for a tenor that ranges from three (3) to nine (9) months for new customers. But, a returning customer enjoys a longer tenor of twelve (12) months. Customers can either be salary earners or self-employed as long as they can provide a verifiable source of income

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Smartphone Financing

RenMoney in partnership with select service providers offers smartphone financing; a product that enables interested persons purchase their favourite phones and pay back in convenient instalments of twelve (12) months. To find out more about Smartphone Financing, click HERE 


RenMoney’s Loan@Work is designed for registered organisations in partnership with RenMoney. Under Loan@Work scheme, employees of organisations can access loans at reduced interest rates. Click HERE to find out more about Loan@Work.

School Fees Loan

With School Fees Loans, both adults and kids can have their education financed by RenMoney. School Fees loan disbursement is made directly to the educational institution on behalf of the applicant while applicant repays to RenMoney in convenient monthly instalments. Click HERE to find more about this product

Point of Sale (POS) Loan

Household appliances can be purchased with repayment made in monthly instalments through RenMoney’s Point-of-Sale (POS) Loans.  Appliances that can be purchased at partner shops (e.g. Samsung) include television, air conditioners, freezers, washing machines, microwave ovens, etc. Click HERE to read more about Point-of-Sale (POS) Loans

Fixed Deposit

This is an investment product for customers who desire high returns on their investment. With a minimum of NGN250, 000 investment, the Fixed Deposit product from RenMoney offers competitive interest rates over an agreed tenor. All investments are insured by the NDIC

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Target Saving

RenMoney Target Savings plan offers a smart way to save towards specific goals such as a wedding, a professional certification, a milestone event or just better financial awareness and management. The Target Savings plan offers 8% interest rate per annum. Click HERE for more information on Target Savings