The Power of Word of Mouth Referrals

15 Dec The Power of Word of Mouth Referrals

Word of Mouth referrals may seem old fashioned and outdated in this century where more innovative advertising platforms are springing up. It may therefore surprise you to know that word of mouth referrals remains the most powerful and effective advert for your business or product.

Getting people to hear about your product could be easy and quite affordable depending on your company’s preferred media. The use of social media is free and can reach quite a number of people. Radio, Television, Newspapers, Billboards, SMS and Email blasts as well as Newsletters, remain various mediums of sending your brand message to the public, with some of them being targeted.

However, the factor that makes word of mouth more effective than any of these media is trust. People trust their friends and their families. They want to hear the experience of the next person when they interacted with your brand and whatever they hear will go a long way in helping them decide to do business with you.

Consumers talk to each other and they trust themselves more than they trust your brand because they know that the brand will only have good things to say about itself. See an example below of a RenMoney customer relaying her experience with another customer on our Facebook page (

This is where customer service and customer satisfaction come to play in giving the right impression of your brand. All points of interaction with your target publics should leave the customer with something good to say about your brand. This way, organic word of mouth referrals will get people to trust and identify with your brand more quickly.

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