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With last month’s Twitter reach of over 1.8 million, a total Facebook likes of over 18,000 and the viral #ALittleMoneyAndADream campaign across most social platforms, RenMoney has climbed to the zenith of the digital space amongst its competitors and held the top position in customer engagement till date.


The latest feather on RenMoney’s cap is the rousing success of the viral #ALittleMoneyAndADream video campaign (Click HERE to see why everyone is talking about our video).


Featuring stories from customers about their various interactions with RenMoney, the campaign is structured as an emotional appeal to Nigerians that everybody needs help at one point or the other and a call for people not to let little money (which RenMoney can provide quickly and efficiently) get in the way of their great dreams.


Released in single story webisodes of four installments, the ALittleMoneyAndADream campaign has been a rousing success so far! The engagement values are below as well as a link to each video.


_Video 1 - _https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HulgwOuuZo4
_Video 2- __https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jia1uGLMEw
_Video 3 - _https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8y0k6U5fVA

RenMoney maintains active presence on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn providing prompt response to queries as well as useful information to its followers. RenMoney is committed to using relevant and updated tools, mediums and platforms to reach its public and provide top notch service.

See some reactions to the video from some of our publics below

jrewesAside from the ALittleMoneyAndADream campaign, RenMoney manages to keep its social media both fun and educative. See some creative from last month and the engagement figures below

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