RenMoney Opens New Retail Brand Branch


We are excited to announce that RenMoney officially opened its new retail brand location in CSS Bookshop House on October 14th. This branch like all others, is intended to be more accessible and to better serve RenMoney’s fast-growing customer base.

The opening ceremony was attended by RenMoney’s Founder & Lead Investor, Stephen Jennings, CEO Graham Lee, Head of Sales, Ojoma Okotie, Head of Commercial, Yetunde Faulkner and Head, Corporate Services amongst other staff.

It was a moment filled with fun and laughter. All staff who contributed in one way or any other to the successful branch opening were proud to see the outcome of the long days and nights.

Here are some fun pictures from the branch opening

pic 2

pic 5

pic 1

pic 4

pic 3

pic 6

pic 7

pic 8

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